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Updated: 22 January, 2024

27 October, 2022

Have you lost track of all the amazing secure software Codific is building? In this blog, you will find an overview of ALL our products and services. I know we’re biassed, but it’s pretty interesting stuff…..

Let’s start by asking some simple questions.

Why does secure software matter?

The world’s infrastructure is increasingly reliant on software. As Andreessen Horowitz said, software is eating the world. And that is an overall good thing, the technological future increases productivity, transparency, efficiency and can improve safety.

However, the last is not given. The massive digital infrastructure of the world, which seems to grow organically, is not secure by default. We need to make an active effort to make sure tomorrow’s software is secure. Furthermore we need to prevent nefarious actors from hijacking our technological ecosystems.

Hi! We are here to help, we believe in a simple and safe digital future.

What is secure software? 

Secure software involves more than just the software itself, it’s also the company behind and all the secure processes they have in place. From there, software security grows, what makes a software secure is its architecture, the processes and a million little details. 

We understand that all of this can be slightly overwhelming, that’s why we have a simple model like OWASP SAMM and our SAMMY management tool.

However, security is not enough, the world of today also requires privacy and privacy goes further than security. To put it in a nutshell: 

Security is making sure nobody can break into your house.

Privacy is making sure nobody can look through your windows or keyhole. 

The same theories apply for both security and privacy by design architecture, they are just different maturity and safety levels. Privacy by design architecture is our speciality at Codific. 

How do you build secure software?

Get Codific to do it for you! 

But security is a journey, not a destination, it requires an ongoing effort.

SAMMY provides a systematic approach to secure software engineering. It gives you a mental map of everything you need to keep an eye on. Codific has an iron strong security posture. We take a structured and systematic approach towards many security practices, such as Secure Build, Threat Modelling, Security Architecture, Education and Guidance. These practices continuously test and improve security, changing the behaviour of procedures over time to achieve long-term solutions.

At Codifc, we implement privacy by design architecture in all the solutions we offer. We constantly pursue improving security in software and building a simple and safe digital future by tying all of our products and services together.

We divide our products into three main categories in four different industries.


Firstly, Videolab is a privacy compliant video sharing platform where you are able to record patient interactions in a GDPR-safe environment. As a MedTech solution, Videolab is used by top universities. It has many use cases, most commonly it is used for the development of communication skills, empathy and other soft skills training. Videolab enables secure sharing of real patient interactions or consultations, peer interactions, simulations assessments, OSCE exams and much more…. (Well basically anything you can think of!) 

The recordings can be utilised for self reflection , where students can review their performance and provide feedback in a time-fragmented manner. Through secure software collaboration, assessors can also evaluate the students’ performance, provide feedback, and assess their self-reflection.

Assessors can also use it to share example consultations for students before a certain skills evaluation or as a tool to evaluate how students deliver feedback and assess external consultations. 





Within this educational technology ecosystem, we have other products such as a CloudControl small device which is connected to Videolab by controlling all cameras in a skills lab setup. It eliminates the need for big hardware. 




Our next product in the MedTech industry is Matchmaker

Matchmaker uses an optimal algorithm to find the ideal match between caregivers in training and GP trainers. 

The algorithm uses factors such as the following to find the best solution: 

  • Geographical location
  • Mutual preference scores 
  • Availability of both parties 

Matchmaker is efficient, transparent and simple. Learning caregivers will benefit more from their education when their trainer is best suited for them, and trainers will be more motivated to deliver the best possible education.


Test Portal with Supervisor is an online solution for monitoring students taking exams from the comfort of their home. The need for this product stemmed from COVID 19, where most areas of our everyday life had to move online. Work continued, universities still went on and therefore exams still had to take place. However, how could supervisors assess the integrity of students’ exam answers through a screen? 

Codific developed a Supervisor as an integrated module within a browser. Our proctoring solution that keeps an eye on the students during the exam. We have implemented a number of monitoring techniques such as audio and video recording and behavioural analysis within Supervisor. 




Attendance app

Our second product line, Attendance Radar, falls under the broader umbrella of Education Technology. This innovative app streamlines the process of tracking student attendance in higher education, seminars, and various events. Attendance App is our most recent superstar.

Leveraging Bluetooth technology, Attendance Radar transmits a secure token from the instructor’s device to students’ smartphones via a hidden signal. With a single tap, students effectively mark themselves present. Our solution offers remarkable efficiency, enabling the seamless tracking of a class with hundreds of students in mere seconds. Farewell to attendance discrepancies, time-consuming manual processes, and student grievances over inaccurate attendance records.


HR Tech

The third product group is HR Tech.

SARA, Secure software in HR

Survey Analysis Reporting Automation



SARA is a Survey Analysis Reporting Automation solution. SARA is used by HR consultants to deliver team assessments, psychometric tests, 360 degree feedback, cultural analysis and other analytical HR tools. Within this ecosystem, we are currently working on a marketplace.



How do you use privacy by design in HR Tech?

Plain and simple. We have built SARA by using security and privacy by design principles. SARA protects user data and guarantees anonymity when relevant.

In three steps, design powerful and versatile surveys in three steps, analyze them using SARA methodologies, and deliver automated reports and assessments.

Cyber Security / Security Design

Finally, the core of all our products is built with SAMMY. A security posture management tool which builds on the OWSAP SAMM framework. It enables companies to formulate and implement a secure software assurance program tuned to the risks they are exposed to. 

Inside this product we offer a variety of different services such as privacy assessments, cybersecurity, pen tests, agricultural assessment and virtual SEO. 



We have built SAMMY to reduce the SAMM implementation complexity in organisations.

SAMM supports different maturity levels allowing for a flatter learning curve, you can also get partial credit for certain activities, meaning if you undertake one out of three security practices, you will still get credit for this one practice, and SAMMY will show you how you can improve the other two. SAMMY takes a slightly more fine-grained approach to implementing SAMM practices. SAMMY views the two streams in each practice independently. Hence, in organisations, one can allocate task ownership in order to simplify tasks and time efficiency. 

You can now take the free SAMM course on managing application security at an organisational level developed by our CEO, Aram. 


The one thing all the Codific products have in common is they contribute to a simple and safe digital future.

If you want to learn more about any of these, just give us a shout!


Michaella is a senior growth strategist at Codific. She is an expert in Videolab and communication training technology. She manages our online presence on different channels. She writes on topics from Med-Tech to HR-Tech. Michaella has a bachelor's degree in digital marketing from the Geneva Business School. If you have questions, reach out to me hereContact