Attendance Radar is the easiest, fastest and most reliable student attendance tracking solution.


Attendance Radar uses Bluetooth technology to transmit a secret token from a trainer’s phone to the students’ phones. The students can then mark themselves present with just one click!


With our solution you can track the attendance of a class with hundreds of students in a matter of seconds! No more cheating, no more time wasted and no more students complaining that their attendance was recorded incorrectly. 

The easiest, fastest and most reliable way to track student attendance! #edtech #attendancesoftware

The app is free to use and ad free. Download it now!

What is Attendance Radar?

Attendance Radar is a mobile app that uses Bluetooth to track student attendance efficiently. Teachers send a signal, and students confirm their presence in the app. The attendance list can then be transferred onto the school’s system manually or automatically. You can download Attendance Radar for free on both the Google Play and Apple App Stores.

Who uses Attendance Radar for student attendance tracking?

Attendance Radar has gained immense popularity in recent months. The free app has been adopted by hundreds of professors in dozens of institutions worldwide to track the attendance of thousands of students. It is being used across the globe, from the US and Europe to the Philippines.

Following a successful pilot program at the Geneva Business School, Attendance Radar is now being used in our first large-scale deployment with the Flemish General Practitioner training organization, ICHO. This deployment involves participating universities like KU Leuven, University of Ghent, Free University Brussels, and University of Antwerp.

We are currently seeking early adopters for our university version of the app. Join us in revolutionizing student attendance tracking with Attendance Radar!

Attendance Radar

Why do they use Attendance Radar for student attendance tracking?

Teachers love Attendance Radar because it’s easy to use, efficient, and constantly being improved.

Attendance Radar uses Bluetooth beacons to quickly mark the attendance of over 100 students. The app is easy to use for both teachers and students, and there are clear user manuals available. Teachers also like the Excel import and export features, which make it easy to set up the app and share attendance lists.

We’re committed to providing excellent customer support and listening to our users’ feedback. Due to this, we have a list of planned app enhancements based on feature requests submitted by users.

How do you use Attendance Radar for student attendance tracking?

Attendance Radar Trainer Demo

Attendance Radar Trainer

Attendance Radar Student Demo

Attendance Radar Student

How much does it cost?

Attendance Radar can be downloaded and used for free. We additionally offer a premium version of the app with more exciting feature and no limitations and, a university license of the app that comes with several additional benefits for universities. Learn about the different versions in the Attendance Radar website!

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