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About Codific

Our mission statement is: To provide the most customized and user friendly solutions to our customers by explicitly focusing on non-functional aspects (such as, security, scalability, modifiability, performance, availability). On top of that we provide premium service for all our customers with no exception.

Our Services

Security Expert

We offer security expertise starting from a threat modeling analysis that defines the top risks related to a specific software product.

Creative Business Analysis

We will analyse your business processes and create a systematic abstract solution that is ready to be transformed into a software product.

IOT Template Architecture

In collaboration with DistriNet, KULeuven we have designed a scalable and secure IOT architecture that was successfully applied in a number of projects.

Secure Data Sharing

We have designed a generic architecture for secure data storage and sharing that can be used in a variety of applications.

Talent Development

Our team is our key asset and their personal development is of essential importance for the success of our vision.

24/7 Support

Our support team has the most talented engineers onboard to help our customers with all their questions.

Our Expertise


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