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Secure Ed-Tech solutions are software, typically on the cloud that facilitate education without sacrificing security or privacy.

Codific develops intelligent cloud solutions with a privacy by design philosophy. Our collaboration tools are used by universities, business schools and hospitals across the world.

Secure Ed-Tech Solutions by Codific

Secure Software Development

Videolab is a secure tool to record and share patient interactions. It is often used for training; doctor patient communication, patient centred care, joint decision making and many more medical soft skills.

Secure Ed-Tech Solutions

Cloud Control integrated Videolab into the skillslab or the simulation center.

Secure Software, Matchmaker

MatchMakers pairs trainees to training spots optimizing for everyone’s criteria and preferences.

Secure Software Development, Testportal

TestPortal and Supervisor allow you to safely run online exams with AI supervision.

Attendance tracking app

Attendance Radar is the easiest way to take attendance.

The team behind Codific has deep expertise in

Privacy Threat Modeling, Privacy by Design Architecture and Security Posture Management

Privacy threat modeling is the structured way of analysing all possible threats to privacy in a software solution. Before starting Codific the founder of Codific Dr. Aram Hovsepyan was a privacy threat modeling researcher at the University of Leuven, where he contributed to the current gold standard of privacy by design architecture called LINDDUN.

Privacy by design architecture refers to software architecture where privacy is a core requirement, this leads to architectural choices that anticipate and eliminate privacy threat. It used the privacy threat modeling output as input for the architectural choices.

Security Posture Management is the broad approach to security is software development, it tries to cover all aspects of security that need to be addressed from an organizational perspective. Codific’s founder is one of the core intellectual contributors to the OWASP SAMM project. OWASP SAMM is an emergent model on security posture management and Codific has developed the first comprehensive implementation of the model into a tool called SAMMY.

All this expertise and the SAMMY tool is used to the bar on security privacy and ease of use in all our applications.

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