Attendance Radar is the easiest and most reliable way to take attendance.

It is an automated student attendance tracking application that allows instructors to easily generate an attendance list.

Attendance Radar
Attendance app

This app uses a secret token on a low energy proximity broadcast to automatically and reliably mark attendance in the fastest way possible. An instructor in a class can turn on the broadcast and students just open the app and mark themselves present. No more time wasted and no more cheating.

We have studied the different ways to mark attendance and we believe that this solution offers the fastest, easiest and most reliable way to take student attendance.

Attendance Radar builds on our previous generations of our QR based Attendance Apps that are widely used at universities in Western Europe.

The app is free to use and ad free. Download it now!

We also have a web version of the app with additional features!

Have a look at how easy tracking student attendance is!

Attendance Radar Trainer Demo

Attendance Radar Student Demo


What is Attendance Radar?

Attendance Radar is a mobile app that provides the easiest and most reliable way to take attendance. It uses a secure low energy proximity Bluetooth broadcast to automatically mark student attendance in a fast and reliable manner. A teacher or instructor can emit the broadcast signal and students mark themselves present in the app. The teacher then gets a complete attendance list which can be linked to the students’ attendance in the university/school’s attendance tracking system. The basic version of the app is being offered completely for free and a paid version which fully integrates with your university’s learning management system can be developed upon order. 

Who uses Attendance Radar?

This app is yet to be widely used in universities and schools. Initially it was tried out in the Geneva Business School and this has helped our development team to fix bugs and help optimise the system. The Geneva Business School has continued to use the app. 


Additionally, it is now being used by the Flemish General Practitioner training organisation, ICHO, which is our first large-scale major customer. This deployment involved participating universities like KU Leuven, University of Gent, Free University Brussels and University of Antwerp. Moreover, they are further helping us with field tests and feature prioritisation.


Currently, we are looking for more institutions that would be interested in becoming early-adopters and lead the way. 

How is Attendance Radar used?

The professor, instructor or teacher taps the app to emit a beacon which consists of a hidden bluetooth token.

Students or attendees tap the  app and mark themselves present.

Behind the screen there are several sophisticated security checks to ensure that the student is really present in the same room and is indeed who they say they are. But neither the attendee nor the teacher will notice any of these, as the process is smooth and fast and only requires one tap from each side.

Attendance Radar is currently used in higher education where attendance to some courses or modules are obligatory.

But it could also be used in different levels of education where attendance is tracked.

Soon it will likely be used at conferences where there is a use case for attendance tracking.  

What are the additional features in the web version?

In the web version you can do the following:
  • Import student lists to courses from Excel
  • Import courses and sessions from Excel
  • Export student attendance lists into Excel

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