About Codific

Codific was founded by researchers from IMEC-DistriNet KU Leuven in Leuven, Belgium in 2010. In the beginning of 2014 we have grown internationally by acquiring a Bulgarian SME, which is named Codific Ltd.

Codific is an SME and we are currently growing in terms of premium talent software engineers. Our background in software research within IMEC-DistriNet allows us to leverage cutting-edge techniques and methodologies in order to build scalable software systems.

We have experience in developing virtually any sort of application ranging from complex web-based platforms to distributed sensor networks in the IoT domain. Independent from a specific vertical we are an expert in the domain of security and privacy engineering (which is a crosscutting theme across any modern web-based application). We actively follow, participate and attend security-oriented events such as OWASP, Black Hat, SecAppDev, etc.

Recently our team has qualified first in an ethical hacking contest organized by the Bulgarian Ministry of Defense.

Who we are
Working at a dynamic young startup.
Meet Our Team

We Are Codific

Who we are, Aram

Aram H.

Who we are, Niki

Nikolay D.

Secure Software Engineer
Who we are, Ch

Chavdar G.

Secure Software Engineer
Who we are, Nk

Nikolay K.

Secure Software Engineer
Whoe we are, Dag

Dag F.

Chief Growth Officer
Who we are, Aleks

Alex A.

Secure Software Engineer
Who we are, Dim

Dimitar R.

Secure Software Engineer
Who we are, Kr

Krastio (Kris) N.

Application Specialist
Who we are, Vk

Viktoria G.

Designer Jedi
Who we are, Nikolai

Nikolai G.

Production Director
Who we are, Michaella

Michaella M.

Growth Strategist
Who we are, Nikolas

Nicolas M.

Product Manager
Who we are, Petar

Petar H.

Secure Software Engineer
Who we are, Brian

Brian G.

SAMMY advisor

Leo D.

Growth Strategist

Leon S.

Market Analyst

Mark B.

VP Sales