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Your growth is our priority

Codific Academy is our vision to create an IT hub in Bulgaria. At the moment a number of concrete initiatives have been established. Among those are the Bourgas IT Pro meetup group and our permanent sponsorship of the local hackathons organized by the regional universities.
So far we have set up a number of different industrial and educational tracks.

Codific Summer School

We organize a Summer School at our beach office where a limited group of top scholars are invited to join us for a one-week intensive industry training.

Bourgas IT Pro Meetup

Within the Bourgas IT community Codific and Technologica have pioneered the organization of a series of evening sessions where we gather in an informal setting to discuss and share our experiences, latest developments and best practices.

Workshops and Trainings

Codific Academy organizes workshops and trainings for the Codific Team and for the wider community (coming soon). Workshops include Advanced Software Architecture by Dr. Aram Hovsepyan (KU Leuven) and Digital Leadership by Prof. Dag Flachet (Geneva Business School).

Regional Event Sponsorship

We are actively sponsoring various regional events, such as hackathons, evening IT-related courses, etc.