SAMM at Global Appsec
OWASP SAMM at global Appsec.

A passion for application security and a strong belief in OWASP SAMM is what brought Codific and Toreon together. The collaboration started within the scope of the core team behind SAMM where several people from both companies volunteer their time. Both companies are ambassadors of SAMM and have tons of real world experience implementing SAMM at organizations large and small in many different industries. As Toreon focusses on consultancy services around SAMM and Codific focuses on the tooling, this is your dream team when implementing SAMM at your organization. Hence the decision to host a booth together.

Recommended talks at Global Appsec Lisbon

Several of our team members will be presenting on different topics related to OWASP SAMM, but there will also be other people from the community sharing their experience with SAMM. We specifically look forward to the following talks:

Dr. Dag Flachet


Dag has a doctorate in behavioral psychology and is one of the founders of Codific. He has been heavily involved with the SAMMY tool and the strategic discussion around SAMM at different organizations. He is a professor at the Geneva Business School where he has taught SAMM to managers in training and he is a member of its board of directors…

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Speaker Session:

June 26, Wednesday 11:45am WEST


Dr. Jasyn Voshell

Zebra Technologies
Director Product Security

Dr. Jasyn Voshell, with a career spanning over two decades in the security industry, currently serves as the Director of Products and Solutions Security with Zebra Technologies. In this role, he spearheads the global Product & Solutions Security Program, managing its strategy, planning, and execution, while ensuring the seamless integration of security in products and solutions through collaboration with engineering teams…

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Dr. Aram Hovsepyan


I am the founder and CEO of Codific – a Flemish cybersecurity product firm. With over 15 years of experience, I have a proven track record in building complex software systems by explicitly focusing on software security. Codific’s flagship product, Videolab, is a secure multimedia sharing platform for sharing doctor-patient interactions used by many medical institutions across Western Europe for soft-skills training…

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Speaker Session:

June 27, Thursday 3:30pm WEST

Automating security test cases based on ASVS

Sebastien Deleersnyder

CTO and Co-Founder / COO, Toreon / Data Protection Institute

Sebastien Deleersnyder (Seba) is the CTO, co-founder of Toreon and COO of Data Protection Institute. With a strong background in development and extensive experience in cybersecurity, Seba has trained numerous developers on how to create more secure software. He is also the founder of the Belgian OWASP chapter and a former member of the OWASP Foundation Board…

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Several key OWASP figures including the SAMM project co-leader are part of the Toreon team. Its close association with several projects and extensive experience with implementations make it the go-to partner for SAMM assessments and threat modeling training. Team members include Sebastien Deleersnyder, Maxim Baele and Steven Wierckx.

See the interview of The Application Security Podcast with Toreon’s CTO Sebastien Deleersnyder
Sebastien Deleersnyder and Bart De Win -- OWASP SAMM


Codific is a product team that first built SAMMY for internal use, to manage SAMM for all its products and teams. Ample demand led to a large investment in the tooling and the team behind it. Team members include Aram Hovsepyan and Brian Glas.

See the introduction to the OWASP SAMM Fundamentals Course by Aram Hovsepyan, the CEO of Codific
OWASP SAMM Fundamentals Course

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    What is SAMMY?

    SAMMY is the tool we created to help with the implementation of OWASP SAMM. It exists in three versions, a free online version, an open source version (coming soon), and a corporate (paid) version.

    How to get started with SAMMY

    How to get started with OWASP SAMM on SAMMY