What is MatchMaker

MatchMaker finds the ideal match between caregivers in training and GP trainers by using a number of factors such as geographical distance, mutual preference score, and both parties’ availability. By using a number of advanced algorithms MatchMaker finds the optimal solutions for everyone involved.


The three rounds of matching

Distance matching *

The address and working times of both the trainees and the GP trainers are used to create a shortlist for each.

* Preference based-matching based on a CV is also possible.

Social matching

Caregivers in training and GP trainers give each other a preference score after having met for the first time.

Final matching

Using the results from the previous rounds MatchMaker does its magic and creates the best match. The final match is further customizable by the administrators.


Improve transparency, efficiency and buy-in

We expect your colleagues and trainees to congratulate you on the increased transparency and efficiency of the system. The process will be smoother and there will be better buy-in from both sides, knowing that the proposed matches are actually the mathematically optimal solution based on their preferences.


Caregivers in training don’t always get their first choice. Given that they have to work about 12-18 months with someone who is not their first pick could be a problem if the matchmaking is not fair and transparent.


The process so far was largely manual. In addition to costing lots of time, things got mainly problematic after something changes after a preliminary matching round (e.g., trainer moves to a new location).


For a complete turnkey solution for your institution integrate MatchMaker with Videolab to enable secure video sharing.