The University Of Maastricht Chooses Codific

The University Of Maastricht Chooses Codific

2 August, 2022

Codific has won a public tender from the University of Maastricht for Videolab and Cloudcontrol. This is our first large scale deployment of Cloudcontrol, the smart solution that integrates skillslabs into the the Videolab Cloud.

The University of Maastricht is world famous as a leader in educational technology and we are proud but not surprised that they pick Codific!

Videolab is not new to Maastricht, the GP program has already been using a deployment for years as it is the standard for GP training in The Netherlands, especially around doctor patient communication. The new deployment will be used much wider across the organization for different training and simulation purposes, as well as being deeply embedded in the skillslab eliminating the need for expensive recording and debriefing hardware.

Find out more about Videolab and Cloudcontrol.

What else does Codific build with privacy by design principles? 

Attendance APP Track attendance using QR codes or an automated secured Bluetooth signal.

SAMMY Is a Software Assurance Maturity Model management tool. It enables companies to formulate and implement a security assurance program tuned to the risks they are facing. That way other companies can help us build a simple and safe digital future. Obviously our AppSec program and SAMMY itself is built on top of it.

SARA stands for Survey Analysis and Reporting Automation. It is a platform where HR consultants can implement their data driven methodologies and automate their workflows. It is used by top consultancy firms around the world to deliver team assessments, psychometric tests, 360 degree feedback, cultural analysis and other analytical HR tools. SARA is the AI you need to be at the cutting edge of HR-tech.

We believe in collaboration and open innovation, we would love to hear about your projects and see how we can contribute in developing secure software and privacy by design architecture. Contact us.

Cloudcontrol View at Maastricht University
Cloudcontrol View at Maastricht University

August, 2022


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