What is a CISO?

Chief Information Security Officer is a senior executive responsible for security governance. It’s the CISO’s role to create and maintain a strategy and vision that deals with security architecture, processes, systems, methodologies, and tools that ensure data security. The CISO has to be up-to-date with the current cybersecurity threat landscape and its intersections with the organization’s risks.
A virtual CISO is a professional who provides cybersecurity expertise and guidance on a contractual basis.

Why would you need a vCISO?

Security is a wickedly complex quality in all organizations. The abundance of data breaches and ransomware attacks clearly illustrates that only a few organizations are taking security seriously enough. A CISO is essential for helping an organization grow in terms of mindset, awareness, and security posture. While large organizations must have a CISO on a full-time payroll as an SME you are often looking to focus completely on your core business. By assuming your CISO role we can help you maximize your efforts in your core area of expertise.

How do we work?

Your organization’s secure development lifecycle is a central theme in our mission as a vCISO. We will start by analyzing your organization’s existing software security practices. Based on this assessment we will build a balanced software security assurance program in clearly defined iterative steps. Our goal is to define, measure, and demonstrate improvements in security-related activities throughout your organization during a well-defined period of time.

Concretely our virtual CISO services will assist your organization in a variety of problems such as:

Overall the goal of our virtual CISO is always to make your organization more resilient in a pragmatic fashion.