Secure Video Sharing Platform

Videolab is a product mainly targeting general practitioners who would like to securely upload and share patient consults with colleagues and assessors. Among the key features of Videolab is our Digital Vault that allows the video storage in an encrypted format using a bulletproof key management mechanism. Even physical access to the servers provides no means to access the encrypted videos.


Record using Codific Video Recorder

Codific Video Recorder (CVR) is an offline tool that allows you to record and upload the videos leveraging Codific's secure infrastructure. Once successfully uploaded all recordings are immediately deleted. The CVR tool provides a number of additional benefits for recording your videos.


Once uploaded to the Videolab web environment one can share his videos with others. Sharing has an essential underlying security principle as it creates a decryption key for the users the video is shared with and "dropped in their safe". Each user has his own virtual safe where all decryption keys are stored. The safe also has a virtual opening that allows new keys to be added by other users without having the ability to peek.


Videolab feature three different evaluation methods to provide feedback on their videos to users.

Time-specific annotations Users can add time-specific annotations to each video by selecting amongst a set of sentiments (Positive, Neutral, Negative) characterizing the annotation. Additionally a free comment text allows one to provide further feedback perhaps providing an explanation regarding the sentiment.

Overall feedback Similar to the time-specific annotations one may provide a more overall textual feedback to each video.

Systematic feedback Videolab features a more systematic feedback mechanism with a pre-defined set of evaluation criteria. Things like MAAS Global are supported out of the box with an added flexibility to customize the evaluation criteria and the possible answer options.

Free discussion Users can easily start a discussion for all of these feedback mechanisms.

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