SARA - Survey Analysis and Reporting Automation

SARA helps HR-Consultants automate their process under their own branding and image. Over 200.000 stakeholders at different organizations worldwide have used tools built on SARA.

There are three steps in the process:

1. Surveys:

Powerful versatile options, question types, conditional question flows, question timers, question randomizers, anonymity and security options, multi-language surveys, and many more features that will make the experience painless for its users.

2. Analysis:

The engine allows for generic methodologies as well as your proprietary methodology. These are translated into algorithms that compute individual, group, team, and organizational scores on different constructs. Dynamic weighting, hierarchical constructs, and multi-factor loadings are a piece of cake with SARA.

3. Reporting:

Generate automated reports with your existing templates and branding. This step of the process is custom-tailored to your organization. The SARA team has years of experience in automating the conversion from the analytical engine into customized reports. Reports typically include tables, graphs, conditional layouts, and automated text generation.

Data protection:

Codific is a cybersecurity firm that develops SaaS applications. At the core of everything we do is a security and privacy by design principle, protecting user data and truly guaranteeing anonymity when relevant. The highest standard in data security is the only practical, legal and moral option.

Stop wasting time building reports manually. Stop sending your customers to third-party tools and stop being limited by the features of your software. Hire SARA today. Reach out to us for a demo.

Survey Analysis and Reporting Automation -SARA

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