RadboudUMC Health Academy choses Codific’s Videolab in the context of their medical school curriculum



Following a successful pilot in 2019, Radboud University Medical Center, the teaching hospital affiliated with the Radboud University Nijmegen, has chosen Codific’s Videolab within their Health Academy programme. RadboudUMC Health Academy is the education and training institute for everyone who works in healthcare.

Videolab is a platform for developing soft skills and empathy in heathcare providers during and after their medical education and specialisation education.

“We aim to be pioneers in shaping the health care of the future. We do this in a person-centered and innovative way. Clinical communication skills training is an important part of the curriculum in medical school. To give interns and residents in practice the opportunity to receive feedback on their clinical communication skills, we have purchased Videolab.” – commented C. Lommen who is a Policy Advisor of the Educational Program at RadboudUMC.

E. Rasenberg, Communication Coordinator of the Educational Program, added that “The system is GDPR compliant from recording to asking and receiving feedback and is very easy to use. This makes the system very suitable for use with large groups of interns and residents”.

Videolab has a proven added value as an effective tool for training, among other things, empathy and communication skills for students and trainees. Our product is a highly end-to-end secured tool designed and developed with privacy and security by design. On top of that Codific’s talented team is ready to assist our customers with additional customisations, integrations and above all a premium customer support. Videolab provides the following benefits to RadboudUMC Health Academy:

Simple and safe multimedia recording.

Selective multimedia sharing with peers and supervisors.

Time-specific fragment feedback.

Systematic feedback based on dynamic evaluation forms.

Integrations with a Dutch Identity Provider SURFConext and e-portfolio platform Scorion.

Military-grade security with an end-to-end transport and storage security.

Digital Rights Management for the multimedia content enforced by Codific’s Secure Vault.

About Radboud University Medical Center

Radboud university medical center specializes in patient care, scientific research, teaching and training in Nijmegen. Its mission is to have a significant impact on health care. They aim to be pioneers in shaping the health care of the future and do this in a person-centered and innovative way. Radboudumc combines patient care, research, and scientific training.

It is one of the largest and leading hospitals of The Netherlands, providing supraregional tertiary care for residents of a large part of the eastern section of The Netherlands. And it is rated in Europ’s top 30 research institutes.

There are about 18,000 universities worldwide, with Radboud University ranking among the best of them. According to ARWU (Academic Ranking World Universities Ranking), Radboud University was positioned 104 Worldwide in 2019.


Medicine (bachelor and master) students



About Codific

Codific was founded by cybersecurity and privacy researchers from IMEC-Distrinet research lab at KULeuven, Belgium. We have built Videolab by leveraging our insider expertise of LINDDUN, the most in-depth privacy by design methodology. LINDDUN is currently part of the NIST Privacy Framework as well as the ISO 27550 standard on privacy engineering. While GDPR compliance is a journey, not a destination, we are leading by a substantial head-start.

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VideoLab educational solution to the four largest Belgian universities



ICHO is the Interuniversity Center for General Practitioner Training, an organization created together with KU Leuven, Ghent University, Antwerp University and the Free University of Brussels. An Stockmans and Guy Gielis are the directors of ICHO and they were in charge of solving the logistical and administrative challenges for all aspects of the general practitioner specialization program in Flanders. More than 4000 trainees, trainers and coordinators are involved in the program on a yearly basis.

The problem

“ICHO is striving to be a learning network organization. The IT platform is an essential part of this link since all students, GP trainers, supervisors and teachers are spread across Flanders. ICHO needs a high-performance, secure and ultra user-friendly IT platform where the data files and all applications are fully integrated. Today’s world of hyperconnected individuals provides opportunities for ICHO to move a number of traditional training components online (e.g. entry-level and periodic exams testing, online assessment, realistic scenario-based medical proficiency testing) as well as creating new training instruments, such as Codific’s Videolab subsystem for soft skills training.”

An Stockmans

The solution

When it comes to successfully managing the logistics of an organisation the size of ICHO the whole administrative and educational ERP system must be a complete turnkey educational solution. CODIFIC provided Videolab to ICHO that uses an extensive and well-defined API and a Single Sign-On system to allow the students, trainers and teachers to access VideoLab via their central educational portal.

“We chose CODIFIC because we were very satisfied with the applications that they have first developed, i.e., the online testing platform, the Videolab platform and training platform.”

 Guy Gielis

Videolab served for ICHO as an online soft skills training platform with peer-reviewed real world patient consultations hosted in a highly end-to-end secure environment. Codific has extended Videolab with a set of complementary subsystems. Initially, ICHO’s generic online examination platform where university administrators could upload a database of coded exam questions and have a knowledge test compiled within minutes. A subsequent extension allowed ICHO to organize a full range of training courses for all students and trainers.

“The choice for CODIFIC is therefore based on the development, and their knowledge of, an integrated one-software platform in which all data is interconnected and can be entered and consulted online.“

An Stockmans

After several iterations Codific has refined the existing subsystems into a complete solution with an internal ERP system, which seamlessly integrated a rapidly growing set of features and modules. These include a number of third party systems as well, such as Medbook and Sophia. Perhaps the most notable module recently added to the overall system is the Attendance App that tracks (compliant with GDPR) all attendances to courses, seminars and even externally organized training sessions.

Our platform serves more than 4000 users on a daily basis and empowers them to focus on their core mission: to make the world a healthier place

Chavdar Gushterov, Product Manager at Codific

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Amsterdam VUmc is picking up the pace in video evaluations by integrating VideoLab



Amsterdam UMC, location VUmc, is a university medical centre with one of the highest standards for scientific research, impeccable patient care and high quality in education. Location VUmc is one out of the eight university medical centres in the Netherlands. Using the university as the backbone for their operations they integrate training and research and care in one.

Interesting fact: Researchers at the VUmc developed a blood test that, from one drop of blood, can diagnose cancer with a probability of 97%

The general practitioner (GP) training of Amsterdam UMC location VUmc is a development program for anyone looking to work as a doctor. As part of their education program GP’s and trainers exchange files containing sensitive data about patients, operations, and others. Prior to implementing VideoLab physical data carries and courier services were used to send the files securely to one another. Fast feedback is the key to learning.

“We were looking for a safe, robust and closed system to exchange comments upon tests and videos.”

With the help of Codific, Amsterdam VUmc has now integrated VideoLab and have digitized the process making it less expensive and much quicker. Files can be easily exchanged between GP’s and trainers thus improving the learning loop by video evaluations.

Jae K., the current functional manager was keen to share his thoughts on the newly integrated system.

“Our system ended up being different, but better and more powerful than we had initially specified. This system has helped us raise the bar for quality, speed and safety in video evaluations. Kudos!”

Jae K., functional manager at VUmc

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