StartUp SPA Project Template in a Week
Course SPA with .Net Core & Vue
via ASP.NET Core & Vue

StartUp SPA Project Template in a Week

24.06.2019 - 28.06.2019

Creating a greenfield application from a developer’s perspective requires lots of effort with respect to programming and business aspects. Most of the software companies out there use some sort of scaffolding when they start a new project as most of web project’s design is uniform. Based on this initial structure it is much easier to write the business logic for the target application.

“StartUp SPA Project Template in a Week” is a 5-day course with the purpose of creation of a single-page application template by leveraging ASP.NET Core and Vue. The main goal of the course is to introduce the scaffolding of a web application to future developers who could use this as a template for building complex business applications.

Course Program

Day 1: Setup Environment, Back-End Scaffolding & Data Layer (6 hours)
Day 2: 
Business & Application Layer (6 hours)
Day 3:
Front-End Implementation & Setup Back-End Communication (6 hours)
Day 4: 
Authentication & Authorization (6 hours)
Day 5: Unit & Integration Tests + Practical Evaluation (6 hours)

Course Technical Requirements

  • Fundamental knowledge of C# & .Net (Framework or Core)
  • Knowledge of HTML 5, CSS 3, JS
  • Basic database knowledge
  • Understanding HTTP RESTful protocol basics (GET, POST, PUT, DELETE)
  • Understanding the core principles of OOP
  • Basic level of English

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Exclusive award for the best 🏆

During Day 5 you will be tested on the topics discussed throughout the seminar with a practical examination. A number of selected talents that scored the best at the test will get a FREE entry to “Codific Summer School 2019” (worth 2000BGN), a six-day course on software security. The course will be led by Aram Hovsepyan – CEO of Codific who used to be a senior staff member at the Department of Computer Sciences in KULeuven.

About the lecturer

Georgi Karagogov is a software engineer at Codific who originally studied geodesy at UACEG. His passion in web development and design came about a bit later when he got interested in creation of software systems and automation. Georgi is quite a proactive person and not only he’s integral to Codifc’s daily workflow he also develops his own personal start-up project being Workoutch – a knowledge base for workout exercises.

Georgi ❤️ Net Core, VueJs, Sass, Matlab