Security Services

We provide a variety of security services based on your organization’s needs.

Aside from services focused on a specific security activity we also provide a more comprehensive offering for a virtual CISO. The virtual CISO focuses on assessing your organization’s security posture and creating a roadmap for improvements. We also provide metrics for measuring and demonstrating those improvements over a well defined period.

Exposing vulnerabilities in your products and infrastructure

Penetration Testing

The purpose of pen testing is to find vulnerabilities in your software systems and infrastructure. Our highly skilled team of ethical hackers will validate your application and list all vulnerabilities it contains. We will prioritize the findings depending on their severity, attack complexity, impact, etc. While the primary goal of a pen test is to find potential breaches in your system we will also assist your development team in both fixing the existing issues and finding similar issues on their own. We will provide our recommendations in terms of security tooling the development team can use in order to improve their security posture.

Enumerate, prioritize and mitigate system design risks

Threat Modeling

Threat modeling elicits and analyzes the specific risks applicable to your software project. Threat modeling is one of the cornerstones of security-by-design. It highlights concerns about security and privacy characteristics. Threat modeling provides a reasonable answer to the question “Is my software system secure?”. As opposed to pen testing the purpose of this assessment is to recognize what could go wrong in the system as early as possible. We collaborate closely with your development team and look into what could possibly go wrong in the system and will be done about it.

Continuously measure and improve your organization’s security posture

Virtual CISO

For most companies, it is not feasible to keep a highly experienced security expert on the payroll. Our virtual CISO solves this challenge in a systematic fashion. Rather than jumping in an telling you what to do based on previous experience we will start by creating and understanding your organization’s risk profile. Then we will assess your existing security practices. Based on your risk profile we will devise a balanced roadmap to improve your organization’s security posture. We will create metrics to demonstrate measurable improvements for your security assurance programme.