Real-Time Patrol And Rebuff For Your Software Systems

Secure Patrol is by definition the necessary technical countermeasure  required by the upcoming General Data Protection Regulation.

What is Codific Secure Patrol?

Secure Patrol is a complete solution targeted towards real-time monitoring and protection of software systems. Secure Patrol is by definition the necessary technical countermeasure required by the upcoming General Data Protection Regulation.
Secure Patrol consists of a team of AI and human agents who patrol software systems preventing and intervening on possible attacks. Secure Patrol leverages the best of both worlds to provide ironclad protection against known and unknown threats. AI agents monitor suspicious network traffic by actively blocking known attack vectors. AI agents also constantly keeps track of various server parameters (such as log files, network ports, access to sensitive files) that could indicate a malicious activity. While very efficient in tracking down potential threats AI agents need human oversight to provide feedback on alerts and warnings that are actual threats. Human agents are in the driver seat when it comes to active intervention.

Why do you need Secure Patrol?

Codific strictly follows the security and privacy industry guidelines and best practices when developing and managing our software systems and servers. However, this process is somewhat static and cannot guarantee continuous security. Furthermore, modern software consists of many third party libraries that could contain vulnerabilities of their own.
Imagine an actual building where valuable assets are stored and processed. Even the most secure building in the world will need a security firm to constantly monitor the inner and outer perimeters of the building.
Secure Patrol product ensures:

  •  Real-time monitoring of software systems and servers
  •  Early warning of possible break-in attempts and data breaches
  •  Automated blocking of known attacks
  •  Permanent security parameter patrol
  •  Periodic scan for known server component vulnerabilities
  •  Round-the-clock human agent supervision
  •  Stand-by security intervention team
  •  Weekly reporting of all suspicious activities and corrective actions

Secure Patrol: Under the Hood

Secure Patrol is a combination of host-based and network-based intrusion detection systems. The automation is actively overseen by a Codific human agent who can take immediate corrective actions or report to the security intervention team to adjust a specific set of parameters.

Secure Patrol roughly consists of six synergistic components:

  • SP File integrity monitoring

    SP File integrity monitoring

    Secure Patrol AI agents monitors the sensitive file system components, identifying changes in content, permissions, ownership, and attributes of files that could indicate a malicious activity.
  • SP Anomaly and Intrusion detection

    SP Anomaly and Intrusion detection

    Secure Patrol AI agents continuously scans the system looking for suspicious anomalies. It can detect hidden files, cloaked processes or unregistered network listeners, as well as inconsistencies in system call responses.
  • SP Automated log analysis

    SP Automated log analysis

    Secure Patrol AI agents read operating system and application logs round the clock, and securely forward them to a central storage server for rule-based analysis. Numerous rules help focus on application or system errors, misconfigurations, attempted malicious activities, policy violations and various security and operational issues.
  • SP Policy and compliance monitoring

    SP Policy and compliance monitoring

    Secure Patrol AI agents monitor configuration files to ensure they are compliant with best practices in security policies and hardening guides. Secure Patrol performs regular checks to detect applications and components that are known to be vulnerable, unpatched or incorrectly configured.
  • SP Network-based Signature analysis

    SP Network-based Signature analysis

    Network-based intrusion detection system inspects the network traffic for detection of complex threats, policy violations and malicious behavior. These are in fact the latest known trends in hacking activities, intrusion attempts, malware and vulnerabilities. A large set of rules is used to match known issues.
  • SP Active Operator patrol

    SP Active Operator patrol

    The complex automation needs a human supervision to make sure that false positives do not cripple the system as well as to take corrective actions when real threats are detected. Secure Patrol human agents are actively patrolling all systems and servers to make sure that all our customers’ assets stay secure.