Meet SARA, your new best friend when doing survey based analyses.

12 September, 2021

We expect SARA to be born in October of this year, her DNA is cast and reflects the heritage of two prior generations of HR-toolings at Codific combined with both rapid evolution and intelligent design.

We can’t wait to introduce her to you!

SARA stands for Survey Analysis and Reporting Automation. She helps HR consultants automate their workflow and productize their methodology. Whether you use best of class industry methodologies or you have your own proprietary models analysing individuals, teams or organizations, SARA is there for you.

SARA allocates all your questionnaires and tests to smoothly translate data into slick reports for your customers. SARA executes on your methodologies and under your branding.

SARA is the third generation of our HR-Tooling software, built on the experience of world class experts working on the first generations. The product pipeline is built on the needs and dreams of our customers. Whether you have been a happy customer of our toolings for years or if it is your first time working with Codific, we are keen to show you what we have and to listen to your needs and dreams.

It’s time to get SARA onto your team, she will make your digitalization journey simple and safe.

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