New talent joins the Codific team!

28 September, 2022

We are very happy to announce our two new members of the Codific team, Dimitar and Petar! 

Codific wants to be the place where the most talented young professionals choose to start, and stay for a very long time, the place where they grow the fastest.

We wanted to get to know a bit more about both candidates, and we were very interested in learning some super intriguing facts about their personal projects.

Want to learn more about some members of our team, then continue reading! 

Firstly, let’s introduce Dimitar Lukanov.  

New talent join Codific Team

Dimitar grew up around many family members involved in the healthcare industry. His passion for mathematics and software engineering grew and the influence of the people around him motivated him to mix the two. Dimitar, therefore, got involved in healthcare tech and many more creative and selfless entrepreneurial ideas. 

The many more creative ideas are really incredible…. One of the first start ups he worked for was involved in helping autistic individuals. They build a platform which aids both individuals and the people around them track and record the unfortunate difficulties dealt with everyday. 

After this, his entrepreneurial path began, he and six of his close colleagues began to build a nurse retention startup. He really got involved in the healthcare industry through his personal passion, software development, and tech.

Dimitar’s interest in understanding the dynamics of how applications and software works, spikes his curiosity which has motivated his journey in this direction.

Fun fact about Dimitar: is not just all about tech, outside of work he enjoys training Olympic Weight Lifting workouts and cooking.  

Dimitar will be working as a secure software engineer for SAMMY. Our OWASP SAMM management tool, Dimitar said; 

“SAMMY plays a very interesting part in OWASP SAMM, which is a highly respected organisation. Being part of this solution would be great. I am also looking forward to learning more about Videolab and the algorithms behind this platform.” 

On a personal level, Dimitar is kind and charming, a splendid fit for our excellent team. We’re very excited to pull our combined resources together to build a simple and safe digital future in healthcare. 

Now our second superstar addition to the team, Petar Hristov! 

new talent joins Codific team

Petar is one of the youngest software engineers on our team, but he is living proof that age is just a number…. 

Petar has excelled at software development and engineering since the 8th grade. Petar’s education is pretty perfect for the bright future he has ahead of him. With a Bachelor degree in software and internet technologies and a Masters in Cyber Security; Petar brings a fresh and innovative perspective to the team. After his Masters, Petar participated in an advanced boot camp involving exercises and assessments building a Java Spring based application. 

His many interests outside of the work environment include stock trading, coding and bot building and hosting web services. Beyond software, Petar enjoys playing chess, volleyball and running! 


When asked what most motivates him to learn and discover new things, Petar said,

“The whole world is driven by software development. Nowadays everything is revolved around software, I like being on the producer side of this spectrum. Being a producer, I can learn and develop the knowledge to make the software I want or need.” 

His hacker mindset and creative spirit will make him highly appreciated in the team. 

We pride ourselves on motivating our team to develop both personally and professionally when they start their journey with us! We’re very eager to continue to develop and advance our goal towards a simple and safe digital future. 

Did you find this interesting? If you want to learn more about our team, we will proudly deliver 😉


Michaella is a senior growth strategist at Codific. She is an expert in Videolab and communication training technology. She manages our online presence on different channels. She writes on topics from Med-Tech to HR-Tech. Michaella has a bachelor's degree in digital marketing from the Geneva Business School.

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