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IT Pro Meetup (part 3) – Making control systems trustworthy

The third topic of the meetup was “Making control systems trustworthy” by Jan Tobias Muehlberg. He is a Research Manager at KU Leuven, DistriNet Research Group. In addition, Jan previously worked as a senior staff scientist at the University of Bamberg and Software Technologies Research Group. He has a Ph.D. from the University of York.

He is currently working on software security and formal verification and validation of software systems, specifically in the field of embedded systems and low-level operating system components.

The discussed topic includes Smart Cities and the complexity of their infrastructures. For instance, they integrate connectivity and a lot of different features like smart cars, power grids, air pollution metering, and others. The infrastructures need to be developed with safety, security, and privacy in mind. Otherwise, it will lead to a lot of problems. With great power comes great responsibility.

Revision of thousand lines of code written by different people and the included libraries can be quite challenging. It appears that there is a whole ecosystem around hacking things and selling access to hacked machines.

All pieces of the puzzle are important, hardware, software, data, users, use cases, etc. There is a need for a deeper understanding of the context of usage and security requirements.

He talked about Trusted Computing on multiple layers. You can learn in the video below more about it and its implementation.

In conclusion, you can learn how to benefit from Authentic Execution in the future and build better, secure, and faster control systems.

You can also check part 1- Temple OS and part 2 – Securing APIs.

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