IT Pro Meetup (Part 1) – TempleOS

On the 10th of Мay Codific organized a new edition of Burgas IT Pro Meetup, a series of informal evening sessions. During the event we share our experiences, latest developments, and best practices, talk about coding and much more. The topics we discussed during this meetup were:

  1. Is it OK for Developers to Talk to God by Stoyan Uzunov
  2. Securing APIs by Zlatomir Haralambov
  3. Making control systems trustworthy – cars and beyond! by Dr. Jan Tobias Muehlberg.

For those of you that missed the opportunity to join, we recorded some videos.


Is it OK for Developers to Talk to God? by Stoyan Uzunov

Have you ever tried to talk to God? Well if you did without any success, don’t worry since there is an already existing operating system for that. No, we are not joking! Stoyan Uzunov – a system developer at IBA Group – presented TempleOS. TempleOS is created by Terrance Davis and it is a 64-bit operating system that runs practically everywhere. It took him more than 10 years to create it from scratch.

The lecture starts with the fascinating story of Terrance Davis, as he refers to himself “the smartest programmer that’s ever lived”. Well, if you don’t want to find yourself taking apart your car in fear that there are tracking devices attached or to jump out of your car in the middle of the highway and break your collar bone then this video is something you don’t want to miss.

To give you a hint what’s next on the video: you will learn more about TempleOS, CIA, Holy C, Oracle, Unfun Games and the thin line between being crazy and being genius.

We hope you enjoyed the video and we will see you at the next meetup.

You can also check Part 2 – Securing APIs.

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