Interview with our CEO – Aram Hovsepyan

We rarely talk about what happens inside of Codific and you’ve most probably heard about us from an event we’ve hosted or through a friend.

We decided to create a series of interviews with the company members where they talk about their responsibilities in Codific, hobbies outside of the work time, and even go into depth about what they would do if they won the lottery.

The first to go was Aram, one of the founders of Codific. Long before Codific, Aram was a researcher at KU Leuven with his research being focused on software security and privacy. Having so much in-depth knowledge of security and privacy by design he and his fellow researcher Dag Flachet (Geneva Business School) created Codific.

Aram also has some interesting hobbies and a great story about a cow that visited Codific’s office once that you’ll find out more about in the following interview:

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