The Codific Innovation Sandbox is our division that partners with visionary entrepreneurs and industry experts to turn ideas into products, visions into companies and dreams into reality. We empower industry specific experts and leverage their impact with our technical expertise. Together we redefine business standards and expectations for agility, innovation and execution. Together we build the world of tomorrow.


One such visionary is Danny Vermeiren. Danny is a seasoned VAT professional with over 20 years of experience in European VAT and global indirect taxes of which he spent the last years focusing almost exclusively on VAT automation. Danny founded VALITAX to realize his vision for an automated VAT engine and selected Codific for the technical execution.

Less than two years into the project VALITAX was acquired by EY, the global leader in the field and Danny is joining EY as an Associate Partner.

Read the VALITAX acquisition story by Ernst & Young in 2020.

Secure IoT Solutions

Codific has 10 years of experience in building secure IoT solutions for various domains. We focus not only on providing the right functionality, but also by putting quality attributes in the “drivers seat”. The key qualities of an IoT platform and infrastructure are:

  • Security encompasses a very broad class of issues ranging from information confidentiality to spoofing protection and data integrity.
  • Reliability and Fault tolerance ensure that a failing component has no impact on the remaining system.
  • Scalability enables the platform to scale freely from hundreds to hundreds of thousands of smart grid components.

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Bulletproof Digital Vaults

Codific offers an in-depth expertise in designing and implementing custom digital vault solutions. Codific Digital Vault stores all data in an encrypted format. Thus malicious users cannot access the contents of the vault even in case of an unlikely event of getting physical access to the cloud server. Alongside with the vault we provide a secure key management facility to minimize additional risks. The vault solutions we design feature an advanced access control policy. As a result different users get their own private boxes within the system.
Currently several of our products are leveraging the vault solution to completely seal off private user data.


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