Maastricht University General Practitioner (GP) training program is the stepping stone for any doctor who has completed their fundamental medical training. Within their program they focus a lot on fostering learning through coaching and evaluation using video observation and feedback.

The Problem

Due to the sensitive information recorded in the training videos Maastricht University was looking for a safe, robust and closed system to upload, share, and comment upon the videos that are uploaded.

Before implementing VideoLab, the university was using physical data carries that made the process expensive, slow, prone to human error and most importantly insecure. Moreover the process in place required a certified courier to transport the USB sticks from the GP to the lecturer and back that made the process not only slow but also impractical for scaling.

Maastricht University was looking for a solution that is highly automated, reliable, fast in its upload speed, easy to use for students and lecturers, and available across the whole university.

“We were looking for a safe way to digitally exchange material between lecturers and GPs without requiring active intervention from our organization at each step.”

The Solution

Maastricht University worked along with the team of Codific to integrate VideoLab that digitized the process as well as reduced overall operating costs by eliminating the need for physical data carries and couriers.

Ramona G., professor at the Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences, is working on streamlining the processes of secure and easy video sharing in Maastricht’s GP training. She was quite excited to share with us that the system is quite intuitive thus requiring no training in order to use.

“Exchanging recordings is fast and safe, requiring the minimal amount of steps. There is also a very practical feature to tag a moment in the recording and annotate feedback.”


Ramona G.- teacher at the Faculty of Health Medicine and Life Sciences at Maastricht University

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