“Start by trusting no one.”

Secure Dropbox For Your Organization

What is Digital Vault?

Digital Vault is a secure space that allows us to store any digital information. It is intended to protect its contents from theft, unauthorized use and other threats. Much like a modern bank vault our Digital Vault has an armored wall and a tightly fashioned door closed with a complex lock.

Why do you need a Digital Vault?

It is an unfortunate truth that many organizations leverage modern cloud-based storage providers for storing secrets and sensitive data. Especially within the context of the General Data Protection Regulation the currently widespread solutions are NOT made for storing secrets. Codific’s Digital Vault is a secure storage management product that has a stronger security model, read-only audit traces, and much more.

Encryption is often used as a synonym for security. However quite often encryption keys are stored alongside the encrypted data. This means you are handing the burglars the key to the safe. Unlike the physical world, a sound encryption key management mechanism is far from trivial.

How does the Digital Vault work?

Codific’s Digital Vault

  •  leverages industry-standard AES-256 encryption to protect your data.
  •  encrypts all your data using a key that is derived from user’s password, which nobody but the user himself knows.
  •  comes with a powerful key management process based on Shamir’s secret sharing algorithm to split the master key into multiple pieces a subset of which is required to reconstruct the master key. This means that not a single person within the organization has the full master key.
  •  features audit tracing mechanism that cannot be modified.
  •  features a flexible access control policy management mechanism to enable secure sharing of data between multiple users. The policies themselves are stored within the Digital Vault.

We Can Help You Protect Your Data With A Military-Grade Encryption

“Encryption could be easy and straightforward, but how does one manage the encryption keys.”

Codific offers an in-depth expertise in designing and implementing custom digital vault solutions. Codific Digital Vault stores all data in an encrypted format. Thus malicious users cannot access the contents of the vault even in case of an unlikely event of getting physical access to the cloud server. Alongside with the vault we provide a secure key management facility to minimize additional risks.

The vault solutions we design feature an advanced access control policy. As a result different users get their own private boxes within the system.

Currently several of our products are leveraging the vault solution to completely seal off private user data.