DevOps: Process, Architecture, Toolchain

DevOps: Process, Architecture, Tools

Burgas IT Pro Meetup is a series of informal evening sessions where various IT community members come together. Get invaluable insights into latest developments and current best practices, while enjoying a bite to eat and a beer (or a soft drink).

Copying the new version of the packaged software or library, transferring modified files through an SFTP server, manually setting up servers and all necessary configuration parameters... All of this probably brings some painful memories. Such practices are (hopefully) a thing from the past. Modern software systems are deployed through a series of automated scripts that are, in fact, source code on their own.
The third Burgas IT Pro Meetup event focuses on presenting our hands-on experiences and demonstrating the daily deployment pipeline within the organizing companies, i.e., Codific and Technologica.

Target audience

The event targets both junior and senior developers, software engineers and software architects.

Detailed programme

  • 18.00 -> Welcome
  • 18.30 -> Introduction by Martin Pavlov
  • 18.45 -> Continuous integration with TFS by Georgi Georgiev
  • 19.15 -> TL stress testing tool by Ivelin Ivanov and Ivo Krastev
  • 19.30 -> Codific devops architecture by Aram Hovsepyan
  • 19.45 -> Codific devops processes and tools by Nikolay Dyakov
  • 20.15 -> Networking & drinks

Event details

  • Free attendance, seating is limited
  • Date: 01/11/2017
  • Location: Codific Burgas Office
  • Food & drinks are provided
  • Organizer: Codific


Georgi Georgiev
Georgi is leading the Burgas office of TechnoLogica Ltd with more than 11 years professional experience in management, analysis, design and development of information systems. His main interests are system analysis, architecture and database design with experience in large Data Warehouse and OLTP systems using various Oracle and Microsoft technologies. Apart from his professional IT experience, he also tries hard to master swing dances and tai chi and sometimes even succeeds.
Ivelin Ivanov and Ivo Krastev
Ivelin and Ivo share not just common names, but also interest in .NET technologies, performance and optimal solutions. Their recent tasks related to WPF and Xamarin applications communicating with web services and centralized databases just needed to be tested under stress to see the dedicated server capabilities. And when the tools out there do not provide exactly what you need, then you make the tools yourself and have fun crashing the server.

Aram Hovsepyan
Aram is the CEO of Codific. He is especially interested in software architectures and end-to-end software development processes. Aram has strong background in software security that is a central crosscutting theme within Codific. Aside from his professional activities Aram is a very eager kitesurfer.

Nikolay Dyakov
Nikolay is a server enthusiast, implementer of new technologies, and a lover of python script solutions for complex day-to-day problems.


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