One Size Does Not Fit All

Despite the abundance of generic yet highly flexible and customizeable ERP/CRM/CMS solutions all our customers are strongly convinced that one size does not fit all. Generic solutions often require an immense effort to tailor it towards ones needs. A   hammer is a great tool, nonetheless, it would be extremely hard (but not impossible) to break a wall using a hammer. Furthermore, generic solutions are by definition very broad that often leads to a suboptimal end-user experience due to the plethora of “unnecessary” features.

“Instead of using one large generic software system we create a tailored product and plug in small generic components with a narrow scope. This is the golden middle between in the “general-purpose vs domain-specific“ debate.”

Custom-Built ERP/CRM/CMS Systems

A clear-cut solution to this problem is building custom software systems tailored to the precise needs of the customer. While “one size fits one” is often claimed to be too expensive, we leverage a state-of-the-art software development methodology that allows us to be extremely competitive.

Our in-house developed open source tools Prototize® and MVC 567 increase our productivity by generating a substantial part of the system automatically. The generated code is then manually enhanced by our developers.

Aside from the rapid prototyping tools we also leverage existing in-house built components that are generic, yet with a very narrow scope (e.g., our customers often need a component that sends emails, whether it is related to newsletters, user login and registration or tracking). These techniques allow us to stand at the golden middle and avoid both genericity and reinventing the wheel.