Codific provides a turnkey educational solution to the four largest universities in Belgium

13 March, 2020

ICHO is the Interuniversity Center for General Practitioner Training, an organization created by KU Leuven, Ghent University, University of Antwerp and the Free University of Brussels. ICHO was facing the daunting task of solving the logistical and administrative challenges for all aspects of the general practitioner specialization program in Flanders.

“We chose CODIFIC because we were very satisfied with the applications that they have first developed, i.e., the online examination platform, the Videolab platform and the training platform.” – Guy Gielis, General Director ICHO.

ICHO needed a high-performance, secure and ultra user-friendly IT platform where the data files and all applications are fully integrated. Today’s world of hyperconnected individuals provides opportunities for ICHO to move a number of traditional training components online (e.g. entry-level and periodic exams testing, online assessment, realistic scenario-based medical proficiency testing) as well as creating new training instruments, such as Codific’s Videolab subsystem for soft skills training.

“The choice for CODIFIC is therefore based on the development and their knowledge of an integrated one software platform in which all data are interconnected and can be entered online and being consulted.“ –  An Stockmans, Director of ICHO.

Codific has extended a number of existing loosely coupled products into an entire integrated ERP platform seamlessly integrated with external systems, like Sofialearn and Medbook.

Our platform serves more than 4000 users on a daily basis and empowers them to focus on their core mission: to make the world a healthier place” – Chavdar Gushterov, Product Manager at Codific.

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