Codific People Platform (CPP)

Codific People Platform is a powerful and versatile infrastructure for your survey-based HR tools. CPP is used by top HR Consulting firms to leverage their analytical methodologies and turn them into automated tools. Over 200.000 employees at different organizations have used tools built on our system. 

Secure and GDPR compliant data collection

We leverage our expertise in cybersecurity to ensure the safety of the process, employee data, and anonymity where required. All this is done without compromising fast and intuitive interfaces. Maximize participation by minimizing process friction.

Neat automated reports

Automate the output of different reports for different stakeholders with the look and feel of your choosing and your branding. Report automation is entirely custom-built per tool and can automate all components including layout, data, graphs, and text.

Advanced analysis

The engine allows for the integration of both generic methodologies as well as your proprietary custom analytical models. Multidimensional factor loading and layered analysis models are common practice. The engine adapts to your model, not the other way around.

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