Codific’s team spends a day at the kite surfing school

This Wednesday, we decided to spice up the work routine with a team-building event. It wasn’t the usual “picnic and barbecue” type of a gathering, but something much better. We teamed up in front of the office, got the bikes ready, and headed to the kite spot.

Thrilled to learn to kitesurf we got equipped with a harness that some of us thought to be a sumo mawashi.

We got introduced to our new instructors Yani 1 & Yani 2 to which a group photo was due. The guys collectively have more than 20 years of experience and their teaching approach was more than awesome.

First things first, we needed to learn how to navigate the kite. The principle here was to imagine that the sky in front of us represents a clock. So if the kite flies right above your head – that would be 12 o’clock, if it’s almost touching the sand, it would be directed at 9 or 15 o’clock (or the edge of the wind window).

This image from will clear out any confusion you might have.

Our instructors were so lovely they spent time with every single one of us. Once they saw that we got the basics of it we moved from the baby-training kite to a real one. Everyone spent about 10 minutes moving the kite from 9 to 12 to 15 o’clock until we felt comfortable flying it around.

Last but not least, they taught us about the structure of the kite, lines, how to pump it up and general best practices when packing and unpacking the kite on the beach.

Codific always looking at the future

What an awesome team-building event! Guess that we were more hungry for adrenaline than barbecued ribs that day. We kind of forgot to mention, that not all of us are actually amateurs. Aram has been kitesurfing for more than 10 years now. Here’s a photo of him in the middle of a backflip.

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