Codific Gathers up For Another Round of Team Building

30 September, 1019

At the end of September, our teams from Burgas, Sofia, and Belgium gathered up on our regular Codific team-building event. There we share a little bit of know-how and of course have some good vibes together. We’ll tell you in a flash about our counter strike bash and the annual meeting which was a smash.

On Wednesday and Thursday, we had two intense seminars with Team Sofia on Code Quality and Software Security. They were divided into 6 modules. This fast-track industry-specific training is fundamental practical know-how and pretty much the “starter pack” for every new intern /junior developer aboard. Since some of the interns from Sofia joined Codific about a month ago they had to undergo this training. It’s almost like the mandatory final exams you get at university. But hey, you’ve got to pull your weights if you want to be a part of the team. By the way, if you want to know what the training includes, you can find more about it here.

On Friday in the early afternoon, Codific team building continued with a bit of longer staff briefing regarding Codific’s long-term strategy and vision. Here, Aram and Dag had quite a bit to say about the future direction of the company (pssst, it’s a secret). We finished the meeting, packed our bags, and went to have some fun in Playhub Evolution. It’s a gaming club and yes, we are a bit of geeks ourselves, we know that. After a classic game of Counter-Strike, we had some nice food in a restaurant in the city center. My gosh, that pizza. Finally, we finished off the day with some well-deserved pints of beer, because beer is like the spinach for team building!

The next Monday we had a professional cinematographer come to the office. And no one was too shy to share some words about their life at the company. Certainly, this was a great personal experience for everyone, almost like a mini-course on public speaking. It was also pretty fun to work along with Niki from Cybertronic Studios to come up with some of the scenes for the showreel. So make sure you check out some of his work as well! One of the meme-videos he filmed was aired on PewDiePie’s YouTube channel!

Thanks to all of our colleagues for the dedication, the hard work, and for being part of the Codific family. In other words, it is such a pleasure to be part of this team ❤️Do check out how the video turned up!

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