IT Pro Meetup (Part 1) – TempleOS

On the 10th of Мay Codific organized a new edition of Burgas IT Pro Meetup, a series of informal evening sessions. During the event we share our experiences, latest developments, and best practices, talk about coding and much more. The topics we discussed during this meetup were: Is it OK for Developers to Talk to God by […]

Ники и Чавдар в Белгия



До Белгия и обратно – Ники и Чоко

Белгия е уникалнo красива страна популярна със своите белгийски вафли, един от най-качествените шоколади в света и разбира се с щаба на европейския парламент. За Codific, Белгия е важна, не заради голямото разнообразие от бири, а защото CEO-то на компанията Арам Ховсепян живее и работи там. По традиция Codific периодично организира посещение на част от екипа до[…]



Key qualities of a great software engineer

We live in times when virtually every company is a software company from the perspective of software systems being essential for their core business. A bank is a software company, a car manufacturer is a software company, an airliner is a software company. Software engineers are the professionals who create the backbone of these firms – a[…]