Amsterdam UMC, location VUmc, is a university medical centre with one of the highest standards for scientific research, impeccable patient care and high quality in education. Location VUmc is one out of the eight university medical centres in the Netherlands. Using the university as the backbone for their operations they integrate training and research and care in one.

Interesting fact: Researchers at the VUmc developed a blood test that, from one drop of blood, can diagnose cancer with a probability of 97%

The general practitioner (GP) training of Amsterdam UMC location VUmc is a development program for anyone looking to work as a doctor. As part of their education program GP’s and trainers exchange files containing sensitive data about patients, operations, and others. Prior to implementing VideoLab physical data carries and courier services were used to send the files securely to one another. Fast feedback is the key to learning.

“We were looking for a safe, robust and closed system to exchange comments upon tests and videos.”

With the help of Codific, Amsterdam VUmc has now integrated VideoLab and have digitized the process making it less expensive and much quicker. Files can be easily exchanged between GP’s and trainers thus improving the learning loop.

Jae K., the current system administrator was keen to share his thoughts on the newly integrated system.

“Our system ended up being different, but better and more powerful than we had initially specified. This system has helped us raise the bar for quality, speed and safety in video evaluations. Kudos!”

Jae K., system administrator at VUmc

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